Are No Deposit Poker Bonus Offers Legal?

Have you ever wondered where does the money for playing no-deposit poker come from? Who would give away money to play the free game? What could the casinos possibly earn when they allow new players to play the poker game without any deposit.

When you search the internet for free poker games the only option  you will get is to play it with the free deposit which means you get the free deposit matching the first deposit you make in the casino for playing the game. If you look around a little more you will also find a few casinos and poker sites that even give you free deposit without having to add any money to your casino account for playing the game. But these offers are given to the new players only. Now you really wonder where does this free money come from and why is it given away for free.

This free money comes from either of the two sources – First, from the profits made by the poker room which is distributed to its members or  affiliates and some given to you. The amount earned by the affiliates depends upon the amount they spend and the number of members they bring to the casino. In most of the cases, you will find that these affiliates will pay you the bonus money so you join them and bring them more profit towards the end of the game.

Now the second source for this money is the poker room. The bonus offered by these poker rooms is no-deposit, used to attract the players to join their poker room. The money they use here usually comes from the budget the poker room members have kept for marketing. Since the budget here is limited so the number of people who get to join these poker rooms is limited. These bonuses work very well and attract many people to their poker rooms, thus converting these players to profitable customers.

When you join these poker rooms, you need to carefully read the terms and conditions related to the bonuses they offer. There is often a catch in every free thing offered by the casinos. The most common term is that you need to play for a certain amount before you can withdraw the money. Now when you start playing this game, the providers usually hope for you to get deeply involved in the game so you end up using the entire bonus on the first day. This is another scheme of making money because the providers know if the new member joins them in hope of free money, he/she will eventually play lots of games thus making a profit to the poker room.

The next time you decide to join any poker room offering free bonus, remember that they have a way of multiplying the free amount they have given to you. If you want to play safe then remember all the above points and don’t get carried away by the game. Play only till where you are allowed to withdraw the amount from the poker account.

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